Our Heritage

1924 — 2017

93 years of sensitive skin expertise in France

At the beginning of the 1920s, in the outskirts of Paris, in Boulogne, a young and innovative French pharmacist by the name Dr Roger opened his very own pharmacy. A traditional apothecary, his expertise and passion was mixing active ingredients to create ointments that would help soothe a number of skin irritations.  


At the time, Boulogne was known as the centre of Parisian launderettes - all the laundry  of the wealthy Parisians was hand-washed here by young women, who were among the very first generation of working women in France.


The never-ending routine of washing stripped the natural beauty of their hands, leaving behind dry, cracked, fragile skin. They came into Dr. Roger’s pharmacy, hoping for a soothing ointment that could help.


Dr. Roger used his expertise of mixing active ingredients and prepared a caring ointment for severely dry, rough hands. He used a special mixing technique in his laboratory to blend cream with traditional apothecary ingredients. This special mixing technique then gave the brand its centennial name: Mixa.


Soon, Dr. Roger’s hand ointment became famous and Mixa laboratories went into large-scale production. 



Blending Ingredients

Since then, Mixa has kept innovating and providing specialist solutions for sensitive skin to accompany women and their families in their active lives, with effective, skin-respecting products, in textures that are pleasurable to use. 


Hands applying cream

 Mixa was created for sensitive skin, and at Mixa, we believe by improving the quality of sensitive skin, we can improve the quality of life. So that everyone can be comfortable in their own skin.

Apothecary Heritage

Mixa has been striving towards a strict formulation charter and our obsession with sensitive skin and high tolerance formulas helped Mixa's signature body lotion* to be and stay N°1 body lotion in the French market for 10 years in a row.


Mother and Child

Today amaixa continues to grow around the world.With one vision:even sensitive skin can be cared for and comforted Discover Mixa's expertise for sensitive skin through our range of products for and your loved ones *Mixa Lait Corps Réparateur – Panel IRI Bodycar base HMSMHD Unit sales Body Moisturizing CCP13 2015