You can love it or hate it, but winter is here and its dramatic temperature shifts can play havoc with your skin. One moment you wake up warm and cosy in your bed, the next you step out into the icy air on your way to work: an instant drop from 20 to zero, which really takes its toll on your skin! When you have sensitive skin, it’s extra easy to fall victim to inflammation, redness and skin irritation during these harsh winter months. Time to power up your regular skincare routine and reach for those heroic little products that can save the day, prevent dryness and keep biting cold in its place! 

1. Keep dryness at bay with Anti-Dryness Body Lotion 

After your regular shower or bath, keep valuable moisture locked in by massaging in Anti-Dryness Body Lotion. Designed to keep sensitive skin beautifully soft and supple, it works its magic without feeling heavy or greasy. This silky moisturiser for sensitive skin delivers all the wonderful nourishing properties of Coriander Oil. It’s fast absorbing and glides on effortlessly to bring your skin a daily dose of comfort.   

2. Give some extra attention to dry patches with CICA-Cream   

If you experience flaking, micro-cracks or uncomfortable patches, you need to call in the services of some serious skincare treatment. CICA-Cream has a special ingredient Panthenol, a provitamin renowned for its fast-repairing properties. With its bandage-like texture, the cream leaves you in no doubt that you’re in safe hands as it helps damaged skin on your face, hand and body to heal itself. 

3. Pamper your hands with SOS Repair Hand Cream 

Even the most fragile hands will be transformed by SOS Repair Hand Cream. This moisturiser for sensitive skin is a great accomplice to your favourite pair of gloves to keep your hands feeling protected. Enriched with Cold Cream, the non-sticky formula penetrates immediately and soothes itching and sensations of tightness. Water-resistant, it will even last through up to 3 hand washes with water. Definitely a keeper!

As temperatures plummet, sensitive skin needs extra love and care. With these 3 weapons, you can save your skin and stay comfortable all season!