Life turns upside down when you’re a new mum. You feel joyful and exhausted, emotional and overwhelmed. Even once you’ve found your feet and started to enjoy some longer stretches of sleep, you may feel deflated about your post-pregnancy skin. Sagging, loose belly skin, dry patches, skin sensitivity and stretch marks can be frustrating for new mothers.  

Don’t feel disheartened. It’s natural for post-pregnancy skin to appear weakened, dull and lined, and your raging hormones will make it feel lacklustre too. The good news is that it will recover its elasticity, firmness and plumpness if you give it time and commit to a few simple skin care tips.

1. Exfoliate your skin regularly to increase circulation 

An excellent way to tighten and pep up the skin is to exfoliate when you’re in the shower or bath. Use an exfoliating mitt, glove or brush to massage in circles to remove dead skin cells and stimulate the circulation. It’s easy to make exfoliation part of your body care routine and the rush of increased blood flow will encourage the creation of healthy new skin. 

2. Massage daily with Firming Body Lotion 

It is the loss of elasticity that makes the skin appear saggy and dehydrated. By smoothing in Firming Body Lotion, you can rehydrate the skin and promote elasticity. Enriched with Vitamin E, this light and silky body care lotion makes sensitive skin immediately more toned. Feel that ‘papery’ feeling melt into softness as your skin replenishes its moisture levels. Just as with exfoliation, aim to do this every day for the best results. 

3. Gain some tone with gentle exercise 

Exercise does wonders for the mind as well as the body. After you’ve checked with your doctor, you can introduce a little exercise into your weekly routine. Try making time for long walks, the occasional swim, spin class or online yoga session. Whatever it is, you’ll enjoy a natural energy boost, improve muscle strength and start to tone the skin on your tummy.

Post-pregnancy skin woes are extremely common and part of life for new mums. So, be patient and don’t expect too much! With these simple body care and sensitive skincare tips, you can give your tired and sagging skin a new lease of life.