Your skin isn't only your largest organ, it’s also very sensitive in many respects. Although it is more or less unprotected itself, it has to protect your body and fight off many possible invaders. Day after day, your skin is exposed to many external influences that can stress your skin and even cause skin irritation.

As a result, your skin’s natural equilibrium is threatened and especially its natural moisture balance is weakened. It becomes dry and flaky, with a tendency to itch and redden. Fortunately, there are some amazing natural ingredients that can bring back the self-healing power of your skin:

1. Urea

Urea binds to water in the upper layer of your skin, and that helps it to support the equal distribution of moisture. If your body doesn’t produce enough urea itself, you should apply it to your skin to restore its ability to retain water. Dermatologists call this ‘supplementation’. This is why urea is used in lost of skincare products. The CICA Repair Body Lotion, for instance, has been developed for this purpose. This body lotion helps to regenerate extremely dry skin, and to restore an intact skin structure. Its rich texture provides instant relief for uncomfortable tightness and prevents flaky skin. It is also highly compatible, so as not to put your skin out of balance.

2. Allantoin

This true miracle ingredient supports the formation of cells and their regeneration and has a healing and anti-inflammatory effect. That explains its success in a variety of skincare products. Allantoin is very important for all human, animal and plant life. In nature, allantoin appears in high doses, for example in ‘True Comfrey’, one of the oldest known healing plants. In the Instense Repair Body Lotion and Hand Cream, panthenol works together with allantoin to repair minor damage and micro-injuries to your skin even more thoroughly. The rich textures help to repair your skin's protective barriers and to prevent raw, flaky skin. In addition, it makes your skin healthy again and reactivates its self-healing powers. 

3. Oat Milk

Oats are a true all-round superstar. The fattiest of our grains scores in multiple categories. Its vitamin D has a calming effect. It is rich in protein, which restores the elasticity of your skin. It also contains biotin, an important building block for your hair and nails. Its carbohydrates regulate your skin's moisture balance. This ‘wonder grain’ also contains secondary plant ingredients that calm your skin and prevent itching. That explains why skincare products containing oat milk can work wonders!

How do you combat dry skin? It is obvious what needs to be done first: quickly add moisture and seal it in! Immediately afterwards, you need to make sure the skin’s cell structure regenerates and you need to help restore its moisture balance. Natural ingredients can support and even activate your body's own processes. Formulations developed by skin experts guarantee the desired effect and will protect your sensitive skin from further wear and tear.